InterAct for Change Scholarships

InterAct for Change offers four scholarships honoring four outstanding nurse leaders in the Greater Cincinnati Nursing Community.

ANNA DRAKE SCHOLARSHIP – $2000: For individuals enrolled in an accredited ASN or BSN basic nursing program

LAURA ROSNAGLE SCHOLARSHIP – $2000: For registered nurses enrolled in an accredited RN to BSN or RN to MSN completion program, and for individuals with non-nursing BA or BS degrees enrolled in an accredited program awarding an MSN degree.

IDA W. CASEY SCHOLARSHIP – $2000: For registered nurses matriculated in an accredited graduate program in nursing

ROSE HOOK SCHOLARSHIP – $2000: For individuals residing in Northern Kentucky and/or enrolled in an accredited ASN, BSN, or graduate nursing program there.

The ten scholarships below (five Advanced Practice Nursing, five Nursing) have been added to the four (Drake, Casey, Rosnagle and Hook) previously and still offered.

Deaconess Associations Scholarships were established by Deaconess Associations to benefit nursing and allied health students, especially those enrolled in nurse practitioner, geriatric clinical nurse specialist or nursing education programs.

Five Deaconess Associations Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarships ($10,000) are awarded annually to students enrolled in accredited masters or doctorate programs in nursing.

Five Deaconess Associations Nursing Scholarships ($5,000) are awarded annually to students enrolled in accredited associate or baccalaureate nursing programs and to students with non-nursing BA or BS degrees enrolled in an accredited program awarding an MSN.

Five Deaconess Associations Allied Health Scholarships ($5,000) are awarded annually to students enrolled in either accredited masters of social work programs awarding a MSW or accredited dental hygiene technology programs awarding associate of applied science degrees or bachelor degrees in dental hygiene.

Purpose of Scholarships: To provide financial assistance to students currently enrolled in nursing programs. Priority is given to those individuals who exhibit behaviors reflective of compassionate care givers, good academic ability and positive leadership skills, and to students experiencing economic hardship.

Application Information and Deadlines

Scholarships awards will be announced on May 4, 2017. Application forms and all accompanying documents must be postmarked January 31, 2017 or earlier. 

Apply online for a scholarship by clicking here, or learn more about the eligibility requirements by clicking here.

Ohio Nurses Foundation Scholarships

Ohio Nurses Foundation has several scholarships and grants available for notable nurses and future nurses.  All applications are due to the ONF office by January 15 of each calendar year.  A flyer is attached with an overview of our offerings and more information can be found by going to

Nursing Excellence Award

InterAct for Change invites you to submit nominee(s) for a 2017 Nursing Excellence Award. The awards honor individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to nursing in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana.  All nominations must be postmarked on or before February 14, 2017. The awards will be presented in conjunction with the annual presentation of nursing scholarships to be held on Wednesday, May 4, 2017 at InterAct for Health.  For more information please click here.