Executive Committee
Consists of the President (chair), VP, Secretary and Treasurer (Membership & Office Operations Committees were incorporated into Executive Committee)

     Jean Anthony
     Tina Arrona
     Michelle Thoman (Secretary)
     Robert Weitzel (Chair)

Meets as needed

Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee members are tasked to ask members to submit names of members who are qualified and willing to serve as officers, directors, members of the the Nominating Committee and ONA Delegates. They Secure the consent to serve, prepare the ballot and submit it to the Board of Directors prior to distribution to the membership. 

     Detrice Green Barry
     Debbie Schwytzer (Chair)

Meets as needed

Bylaws Committee
Bylaws Committee members are tasked to review bylaws biennially for conformity to ONA Bylaws. They solicit and review proposed amendments to SONA bylaws. Submit proposed amendments to the Board of Directors for approval. Submit amendments approved by the Board of Directors to the membership for a vote.

     Tina Arrona (Chair)
     Vikke Clark
     Kathy Franklin

Meets as needed

Finance Committee
Finance Committee members are tasked to prepare the annual budget for the association. They monitor the income and expenditures of all funds of the association and advise the Board of Directors on expenditures and investments.

     Jean Anthony (Chair)
     Sammie Schweighart-Hughes
     Robert Weitzel

Meets bi-monthly (before Board Meetings) the 4th Tuesday 6-7pm.

Human Rights Committee
Human Rights Committee members are tasked to assist persons in SONA in understanding, accepting and respecting societal differences which focus on the inherent dignity of individuals. They engage in educational efforts which focus on the inherent dignity and cultural diversity of individuals, review reports of incidents of discrimination in health care and investigate such reports and take appropriate action including referral to units of ONA or to governments or community agencies regarding incidents of discrimination. 

     Pat Castle (Chair)
     Charlene Rasche
     Nancy Savage

Meets every other month on the 3rd Monday 6-7pm.

Health/Legislative Committee
Health/Legislative Committee members are tasked to educate members in the political process. They evaluate proposed federal, state and local legislation for its implications for nurses, nursing and health and take appropriate action consistent with policies of the SONA Board of Directors. They assist in promoting ONA political and legislative programs. Educate legislators about nursing and health care. Promote legislative activity among membership. Advise the Board of Directors on legislative matters.

     Jean Anthony
     Pat Castle (Secretary)
     Kelly Hickman-Begley (Chair)

Meets monthly 2nd Tuesday 6-7pm.

Program Committee
Program Committee members are tasked to coordinate an annual calendar of events for all SONA program activities. Prepare delegates for convention in regard to candidates and issues. They develop and coordinate educational programs for SONA. Coordinate contact hour activities of the organization. Publish the SONA newsletter.

     Tina Arrona
     Vikke Clark (Secretary)
     Willa Lowe
     Michelle Thoman

Meets monthly 3rd Tuesday 5-6pm.

Tellers Committee
This committee consists of 3 members appointed by the President and meets as needed to count ballots.


We welcome members to get involved in their professional association.  Contact SONA at 513-426-6582 or for more information.